A lesson in history

Okay, so not only was anatomy NOT a strong topic for me, but history was also not so great. This came to light for Brandon one night when we were watching the food channel. We love the food chanel.

So, I was laying in bed while Brandon was folding his clothes. The Throw Down with Bobby Flay was on and they were doing a Philadelphia cheese steak cook off. For their guest judge, they had none other than Benjamin Franklin himself. Me, in my Amy-moment-fashion, says to Brandon "That's not really him, is it?" note the question mark. and damned if I didn't say it in question tone too. When Brandon turned and looked at me, the look on his face gave me the answer to my question. then he asks "are you serious?"

I pulled the blanket over my head and wondered why I couldn't have made that a statement rather than a question. Did you know that Benjamin Franklin is long passed? and I have to say, although I've obviously never seen the man, it was a damn good look-alike. so there. that's my defense.

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