As you may have noticed, my grandparents' house was a unique and fun place to be. In fact, my parents had to schedule times for me and my sister to come home so my grandparents could have some time without us kids. While we spent a lot of time at my grandparents', I do have other family...

I've mentioned my sis, AKA: Ang, Nache, Angus, Angela Rae. She's my elder by 4 years and we've not always got along. Especially as kids. She showed little mercy, but I have got to say that after watching back the family videos, I was one annoying little girl. :) in fact, there was one home movie that I was viewing with my husband and he couldn't take it anylonger so he got up and while leaving the room said "boy, you were annoying"... oops.

My Mom, AKA: Bev, Duck, Duck Butt, Momma Poo, Beverly Ann. I hear a lot of "you look just like your mother". My mom is a creative individual. Like my Grampa Shorty (her dad), Mom is quarky and does what she pleases without concern of how she's perceived. She's built a 9' tall rocking chair which she proudly displays in her yard among dozens of other crafty ideas. She can make anything "hillbilly style".

My Dad, AKA: Scooter, Scee-Wee, Scott. He's an avid motorcycle rider, snow-mobiler, boater, really - he does all the activities that I love. I once went skydiving with Dad in AZ when I was 16 (I mean.. cough.. cough.. Angie did since she would've been the one of age) :) We went to Sturgis together for a few years too. Dad always said I rode my motorcycle like I stole it, but hey, I learned from the best! I've since sold my bike. :(

My Grandparents (Dad's side) AKA: The Folks, Vern & Adele, Gramma or Gram and Grampa. creative, I know. They've always lived "up north" on a lake in the warmer climates and in the past 10 years or so have traveled to AZ in the winter months. I love visiting them. Gramma has the best cooking ever and Grampa has always had the best toys (what is it with grampas and having lots of toys?!) Upnorth is where I learned to fish (still won't touch anything that moves), four-wheel, boat, water ski, snowmobile, shoot pool, throw darts, shuffle board, etc. As a kid I would bring friends upnorth for a week while my parents were in Sturgis. My husband absolutely loves our trips north and he considers them his grandparents as well.

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