Ass over tea-kettle

One day, several years ago, my late Great-Gramma Mable (Dad's Gramma) had been diagnosed with breast cancer (not so funny, I know, but just wait...) Gramma was into her 90's and old age was taking it's toll, such as hearing.

As a family, we took Gramma Mable to her appointment to have this cancer removed. So, Grampa Vern drove with Great-Gramma Mable in the passenger seat and Gramma Adele perched in the center of the back seat, leaning forward to speak directly into Great-Gramma's ear. Dad and I followed in a seperate car.

As we were waiting to take a left turn across oncoming traffic into the hospital lot, Grampa decided to go for it. Seriously, this makes me chuckle. So he guns the gas of his Cadillac and the car lurches forward and left, while Gramma Adele goes ass over teakettle backwards in the back seat. All I could see was her feet go up in the air and then..... no more Gramma.

Oh, I cried so hard becuase I was laughing so hysterically. Needless to say, my grampa really got a tongue lashing which only enhanced my amusement. We were in the lobby, my eyes all puffy and my amusement barely contained, when they walked in. I don't think Gramma had realized that we witnessed it but she did once she saw me.

I don't know what it is, but I just cannot help it. I seriously find other's misfortunes extremely funny. Although my Gramma Adele found little to no amusement in it as she rarely finds Grampa Vern's mishaps funny, it was a welcomed distraction to the day's events and I'll never ever forget the image of her feet in the air! It just tickles me.

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  1. Still makes me laugh like the first time you told me!!