Showing off doesn't always pay off

One winter, me, my husband Brandon, and our good friend Tuna (AKA Erik), were all going out. I was often their sober driver. At this time we lived in a town house where we had a little extra parking spot that, in the winter, filled with ice. So, I'd learned this little trick when I was backing out of the driveway that I'd gun the car and turn the wheel and slide out and sideways, ending up facing out of the driveway. I thought it was a cute trick and I decided I'd impress the boys. So, I go for it and as we're flinging out of the garage, Tuna all of a sudden yells "My car, My car!"

Oh, but it's far too late. We're sliding across the ice and there's no stopping now. The rear end of my car smashes into the front end of his car. We all sit there stunned. Tuna, the sweety he is, says "It's okay, I'm sure there's more damage on your car than mine. And besides, nobody got hurt." It was nice of him to say, but it didn't appease Brandon. No. Brandon said "just go". that's all I got out of him for several miles down the road. He was not amused and he was thoroughly embarrassed.

So yes, if you're keeping score, I've smashed the back end of my car and the front end of his car. Hey, I AM a good driver... maybe a little reckless... or maybe, and actually this is certain, I'm simply accident prone... in everything I do.