Time to tell

So, we had thought that we'd wait until March to tell anyone, but with the ultrasound being so positive and healthy, we felt that it was safe. Plus, Rana was considering coming home for Brandon's birthday. Also, it's proving to be a bit difficult to lie to and avoid people. Yesterday I went shopping with my good friend and neighbor, Meg and she flat out asked me if I was pregnant. I had to plead the 5th because I just couldn't lie. we'll tell her and her husband Joe later tonight I am sure.

Last night, Saturday the 30th, we got together with Brandon's family at his sister Kristen's house to celebrate his birthday. Rana unfortunately couldn't make it home, but she did call. While she was on the phone with Brandon, he asked me to get the photo (ultrasound). He said to Rana that he was showing his mom a photo... of the baby in Amy's belly. Then it got a little chaotic. Everyone was elated. Eyes teared up, hugs went around and questions flew. Brandon's dad hugged me so hard he choked me a little. It was an awesome moment.

Kristen, having had two kids, unloaded her library of books on us. She also offerred to host a baby shower and help with the registering for gifts. The assistance with registering is a gigantic relief. I got anxiety walking down the car seat ilse because there are so many to choose from. How do we know which is right? I've avoided looking at baby stuff because it makes my head swim.

So today we meet my dad and his wife for brunch and then we're going to stop by my mom's house and tell her and her husband. It's going to be another amazing day.

side note: the being tired and not sleeping thru the nights and being tired, so tired... it's killing me. If I'm so tired, why the heck can't I sleep?! seriously! Me and the Bronco babe are going to have to have a little talk. Oh, and in case you didn't hear, Brandon had once said that if he ever has a boy he wants to name it Bronco because it's the toughest name he can think of. LOL

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  1. I love you, Bronco Babe!! But you need to let Momma sleep! (shaking finger at the belly)