first photo

So, on 1.27.10 we had our early ultrasound. Amazing. Amazing. Brandon says the baby looks like a plucked turkey. The round thing is where the baby is getting it's nutrients. From the ultrasound, I'm actually only 7 weeks and 2 days along. The heart beat was 142 and everything is looking very healthy. Oh, and there's only one baby. A palm reader once told me I'd have twins.

Well, this was a bit more personal of an ultrasound. this wasn't the jelly on the belly one. It was an odd feeling to put my feet in stirrups while my husband sat beside me. And after she showed us what she was going to insert, yes, that's right... insert. I looked at Brandon and asked if he had anything to say. Not a peep. No smart ass comments or funny jokes. He did reach out and hold my hand. Once the screen lit up, all else was forgotten. The heart was beating so strong and bright - like a pulsing star. It was beautiful. Absolutely breathtaking. I could have stared at it forever.

Our new due date is September 13th, 2010.

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