Two pees in a pod

Grampa shorty and I were a pair. My sister Angie (aka, Ang or Nache) and my Gramma Bernie were a pair.

Every Saturday we'd go into the city, we'd drop Gramma and Ang off at the Goodwill to go shopping while Grampa and I would go slummin' in the city and hang out at the bar with grampa's "ingin" friends.

Disclaimer: Grampa wasn't exactly politically correct about, well, anything. My quoting of him is just that.

At this one particular bar in which we frequented (Rosies), Rosie had a lamp which had multiple color lights that went around and around. It wasn't so much a lamp as it was a beer logo'd bar decoration, but I was young and I was absolutely fascinated by it. I'd just sit and stare at it. Grampa thought I should have it so he purchased it for me. Rosie said I could have it, but Grampa was a generous man and he gave her some money so his little side kick could have her mesmurizing beer lamp.

Every day of the week, my grandparents go to breakfast - at one of two local restraunts. In the afternoon, Gramma would go to work and Grampa and I would go out to "coffee" to "shoot the shit" with his old-geezer buddies at one of these same restraunts (when I go there now, they said I'm VIP! LOL). Ever watch Grumpy Old Men??? this was it, except not so much as grumpy, but dirty & funny. They'd harrass the waitresses and staff, share the same dirty jokes over and over, and we'd play cribbage.

sometimes, during the school year, I'd play sick so I could go to "Breakfast" and "Coffee". I mean, what kid wouldn't? I'd be allowed to have Pepsi , a plate of french fries, and a bowl of pickles for my meal - and they'd let me drink all the little creamers on the table too! When I was much younger, I'd walk into the kitchen, so little and barely talking, and say "ickle". The cooks thought it'd be funny to give me a tomato, but I knew... I wanted "ickles".
My Grampa Shorty loved to make people laugh or in the very least, get a rise out of people - whichever happened first. He was outrageous! He was kind. He was ... strong willed... :) He wouldn't give a "rat's ass" what others thought and "If you don't like my gate, don't swing on it." He was very, very well known for his potty mouth... "well i'll be a son-of-a-bitch".

Grampa Shorty was a character beyond all others. He was my best buddy and I, his. We were inseperable.

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