The day the lights went out

As encouraged by my dear friend Leslie, it's my pleasure to share with you an amusing tale of why my husband's life is never dull.

Let's see... One day, a day like any other, Brandon and I had gone out to dinner. When we arrived home we went to change into our "comfies" (this is ritual).

We hadn't turned on any lights but the bathroom light, which lit the bedroom well enough. So, as I was changing into my sweatshirt, all of a sudden it went completely dark!!! I yelled at Brandon a very stern "HEY!"

In return he yells from only five feet away "WHAT?!"

As I removed my hood from over my face, I mumbled "nevermind". And then proceded to turn my sweatshirt around.

That's the day the lights went out in Amyville.


  1. One of my favorites. You definitely should post a sound bite of your laughter :)